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A Story for Children by ForrestLucero A Story for Children by ForrestLucero
This is a quaint little piece from the 1960's. I had to do some deep searching in the web to find it. Eventually I came across an archive hosted by the publisher.

Apparently the series was discontinued because they covered topics too big for children to understand.

I have 3 of the 5 records in the series and the record was in fairly good condition. I played it last night just to test it and the story is very interesting, (for a children's audiobook).

"Joanne likes to play outside with her dog Baxter. She likes to play amongst the flowers and roll on the soft grass. She likes to eat cookies and milk under the shady tree. Joanne likes to play outside.

"Jack likes to play outside with his bat and ball. He likes to swing his bat and hit the ball as far as he can! He enjoys sitting under the shady tree and chew chewing gum. Jack likes to play outside.

"Boys and Girls can you find the similarities between Jack and Joanne?


"Yes that's right! They both like to play outside, How wonderful! They have so much in common. Do you think they should be in love?"


"If you said yes, sorry boys and girls, but these two need a little more time. You see, not everyone is ready to be in love with someone else, sometimes it take a lot of time for people to love each other!"

"Boy's voice: But Mrs. Blume, if they are such good friends, and they both like to play outside, and sit under the shady tree with snacks, shouldn't they be in love?

"No No, you see Boys and Girls, friends often have a lot in common, they might like to do activities together, read the same books, and even talk about personal things to each other.

"Girl's voice: But they are perfect for each other! Mrs. C! They should be in love!"

"Oh I know Boys and Girls, it is exiting, but it is too sad to say, that neither of them will ever say how much they love the other. Love is a very scary thing, and it can sometimes hurt very deeply. All we can do is hope for Jack or Joanne to face their fears and say how they truly feel, despite whatever consequences."

This could be the creepiest children's record ever..
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Teo-Hoble Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009  Student Digital Artist
The description stirred up a mix of amusement and hatred in me :P First off it's annoying when people treat kids like idiots; and secondly... being taught these things might have some bad effects on your future adult-life... And of course I'm reading too much into this, like I always do :P
ashenweepingwillow Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
it has some life lessons for adults in there lol
ForrestLucero Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
I know, I find it so strange!
diasunday Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
How incredibly bizarre. Still, I can't help but smile a little...
Brilliantx3 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008   Writer
same here, i smiled in spite of myself. i can only imagine the confusion poor little children felt.
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